TB-AIR-3500 Air Disinfection Machine for 3500 sq ft areas

TB-AIR-3500 Air Disinfection Machine for 3500 sq ft areas

Price: $2,995.00

TB-AIR-3500 Air Disinfection Machine
Model TB-AIR-3500
Installation    Moveable
Dimension(mm³) 12.8×16.5×32.5
Weight(lbs) 66
Rated Volume(ft³/h) 35000
Applied to(ft³) 3500
Noise(dB(A)) 55
Power Input(W) 178
Negative ion(pc/m³)≥ 6×106
Minimum working time for one interval(min) 60
Killing rate for bacterium in aerosol chamber≥ 99.99%
Killing rate for natural bacterium≥ 90%
UV irradiance




  1. Brief Introduction

TB-AIR-3500 series UV ray air sterilizer is mainly made of fan, primary /medium filter, UV disinfection module and carbon filter. With indoor air circulation design, room air will go through machine and get disinfected. Then, air becomes clean and fresh. People can be around when machine is working, and no extra harm caused.

  1. Working Principle

Core disinfection part—CARING UV disinfecting module inside the machine.

This module mainly consists of UV lamp and barretter. High strength UV ray will penetrate bacteria’s cell and destroy its protein structure. Then bacterium die and air gets purified.

  1. Usage
  • Machine can be helpful in realizing the disinfection effect of Ⅱ and Ⅲ class disinfection environment in hospital.
  • Killing rate for natural bacterium can be 90% or more after machine running 60 min continuously;
  • Killing rate for staphylococcus albus in aerosol chamber is 99.90% or more after machine running 30 min continuously;
  1. Applied to

Operation room, ICU, supply center, delivery room, laboratory, protective isolated ward and place where people can be easily infected.

  1. Features
  • People can work around when machine is running, no harm caused
  • Machine shell adopts galvanized steel sheet, stable structure and anti-ignition.
  • Adopted new UV disinfection module, super good performance and durable.
  • Adopted superior carbon filter, which can remove TVOC and dust particles
  • Photocatalyst can remove off formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC effectively.
  • Manual and reservation mode can meet customers more needs.
  • Magnetic remote control can stick to machine cover, easy to operate and much convenient. Three wind speeds are available.
  • Machine will show accumulated working time and gives alarm when filter need to clean, simple and clear.
  • Boost function can solve emergency room pollution cases.
  • Reservation mode has six time intervals in all, which makes operation much easy and time-saved.
  • Fan speed: High, intermediate and Low.
  • Negative ions can fresh air and improve human beings metabolism.