TB-CABINET-TOWEL Ozone (O3) Disinfection for Towels and Clothes Disinfection

TB-CABINET-TOWEL Ozone (O3) Disinfection for Towels and Clothes Disinfection

Price: $2,995.00

Structure diagram

1. UV Disinfection indicator
2. Ozone Disinfection indicator
3. Power Indicator
4. UV knob switch(After the
ozone generator stops working, turn the ultraviolet
switch to more than 30 minutes)
5. Ozone knob switch
(Please turn the ozone switch for more than 30 minutes)
6. Ozone generator
7. Ultraviolet
8. Gate switch
9. Shelf
10. Cabinet door
11. Cabinet door handle
12. Cabinet feet For reference only, subject to the actual product
Please note!  The first step is to turn on the ozone generator and wait for it to be finished; the second step is to turn on the ultraviolet light. This sequence must be followed!!

Product Features

• Vertical cabinet, beautiful and elegant.
• Two modle : ozone+ ultraviolet , care about disinfection, cleaning, highefficiency and energy saving,effective sterilization.
• The power supply must be in accordance with the
air switch and leakage protection switch, and the connection socket can withstand more than 1 0A current. Must use a grounded power socket, the socket should be reliably grounded. The user shall not change the protection plug with leakage switch without permission, and prohibit the operation without grounding. Disinfection cabinets are only allowed to be used indoors.
• During the work of the disinfection cabinet, please
do not open the cabinet door, and only use it after the cabinet cools down, so as not to affect the sterilization effect, to prevent burns and ozone generated by ozone work, causing harm to human respiratory system, eyes and skin.

Installation and Usage Instruction

• Open the package, then take out the legs of the disinfection cabinet,and then lay the disinfection cabinet flat on the ground (glass side facing up). Use a screwdriver
and hand to directly fix the cabinet legs. Remember to tighten, then you can put the disinfection cabinet stands up and connects to the power source. Please note that the power socket must be grounded, and operation without a ground is prohibited.
• Rotate the timer to 30-45 minutes. It will automatically stop after the disinfection is completed. After more than 30 minutes, open the door to take out the goods, disconnect the power, and close the door, It is forbidden to look directly at the lamp tube for too long during the disinfection process, so as to avoid damage to the eyes and opening the cabinet door is prohibited.

Daily maintenance

• During maintenance, the power supply must be disconnected first
• Wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the cabinet with a neutral detergent, and then wipe with a clean dry rag. Pay attention to the dry rag. The use of dripping rags is prohibited, and direct spraying with water is prohibited.
• It is very important to keep the surface and interior dry
• After get off work, please remember to unplug the power switch and plug it in when you need to use it