TBDOOR-TITANIUM Disinfection Door/Channel


Price: $12,950.00

Power Supply: 100-240Vac

Product Weight: 660lbs

Rated Power: 450W

Operating Noise: Less than 36dB

Working Environment: 32~95°F

Product Size: L:D:H=74”x43”x27”

Type of Disinfectant: Food Grade Disinfectant

Volume of Disinfectant Tank: 4.75 Gallons

Temperature Collection Distance: 6”-8”

Temperature Collection Time: about 2 seconds

Temperature Collection Accuracy: +/-2°F at Room Temperature

Temperature Collection Location: Forehead, Wrist Inside (non-contact type)

Temperature Collection Range: 93-113°F


Equipment Components Description

  1. Far infrared induction device
  2. Control panel
  3. Inductive hand washing device
  4. Electrical control box, disinfectant tank
  5. Pedal
  6. Disinfection area