MASTER BRANCH in the Specified City/State

x40TB650 x40

TB1600 x30 pcs

TB3500 x10 pcs

TB8000 x5 pcs

TBSPRAYER-6.56’4.22G x20 pcs

TBCANNON-32.8’4.22G x5 pcs


TBWEARS x20 pcs

TBVAN x10 pcs

and more…



  • 1 Master Dealership in the specified city/state
  • Master Branch can sell dealerships to the specified area above by the approvement and

certification from Techno Busters. Master Branch can only supply the machine equipment from

Techno Busters and sell them to Mobile (Single) dealers.

  • 40pcs TB650 UV Light Machine Tech Busters Brand 650 sq. ft Capacity
  • 30pcs TB1600 UV Light Machine Tech Busters Brand 1600 sq. ft Capacity
  • 10pcs TB3500 UV Light Machine Tech Busters Brand 3500 sq. ft Industrial Capacity
  • 5pcs TB8000 UV Light Machine Tech Busters Brand 8000 sq. ft Industrial Capacity (BONUS)
  • 20pcs TB6.56’D4.22G Electrostatic Sprayer
  • 5 pcs TB32.8’D4.22G Electrostatic Sprayer (BONUS)
  • ~4,000,000 sq. ft Capacity Nano Technology Liquid Solution
  • 20 Sets/Packs of Gloves, Masks, Goggles, Suits
  • 10 pcs 2017 or newer Dodge Promaster 2500 High Roof Van + Coating application with ad cover
  • Trainer Training (Online) and Consulting over the phone.


Price: Please contact us for the prices and further details by the e-mail info@technovirusbusters.com