TBDOOR-GOLD Disinfection Door/Channel


Price: $8,950.00

Power Supply: 100-240Vac

Product Weight: 220lbs

Rated Power: 630W

Operating Noise: Less than 38dB

Face Recognition: N

Palm Temperature Measurement: Y

Ultrasonic Atomization: Y

Infrared Induction Spray: Y

Ozone Disinfection: Y

UV Disinfection: Y

Working Environment: 33~104°F

Water Volume: 14~170psi

Mixed Water Temperature: 33~104°F

Feed Water Quality: Purified Water / Tap Water

Product Size: L:D:H=47”x31”x90”

Package Dimensions: L:D:H=48”x33”x94”

Type of Disinfectant: Food Grade Disinfectant

Volume of Disinfectant Tank: 4.75 Gallons

Temperature Collection Time: about 2 seconds

Temperature Collection Accuracy: +/-2°F at Room Temperature

Temperature Collection Location: Palm (non-contact type)

Temperature Collection Range: 93-113°F

Note: It can be customized according to different types of hotels, companies, schools, and special disinfection places.

Operation instructions
1、Open the disinfectant storage cabinet, put the disinfectant with good proportion into the storage cabinet and connect the pipe diameter
2、Connect the power supply
3、Start in: 1.Ultrasonic spray disinfection 2.Ozone disinfection 3.Start button and equipment of blue light can operate normally
4、Turn off/on: 1.Ultrasonic spray disinfection 2.Ozone disinfection 3.Start button of blue light lamp, equipment can be closed, and temperature measurement system can be started automatically
5、Make up water: add disinfectant mixture according to consumption to ensure certain atomization water level

Explanation principle
Triple disinfection with ultraviolet, plasma and light wave atomization, matrix type dead angle free whole body disinfection, non-contact disinfection and more thorough disinfection the control cabinet has three keys,1 in turn,2 for ultrasonic spray disinfection, 3 for UV sterilization, and for blue light start button. Ready for normal operation.
After the disinfection lamp button is turned on, the ultraviolet disinfection on both sides and the plasma disinfection on the top are turned on
After the disinfection key is turned on, the light wave atomization is turned on, which is divided into low gear and high gear.

Scope of application
1、Hotel and catering industry
2、School entrance
3、Company entrance
4、Food industry
5、Electronics industry
6、Textile industry
7、Industries with special disinfection requirements etc.