TBDOOR-PLATINUM Disinfection Door/Channel


Price: $10,950.00

Power Supply: 100-240Vac

Product Weight: 220lbs

Rated Power: 630W

Operating Noise: Less than 38dB

Face Recognition: Y

Palm Temperature Measurement: Y

Ultrasonic Atomization: Y

Infrared Induction Spray: Y

Ozone Disinfection: Y

UV Disinfection: Y

Working Environment: 33~104°F

Water Volume: 14~170psi

Mixed Water Temperature: 33~104°F

Feed Water Quality: Purified Water / Tap Water

Product Size: L:D:H=47”x31”x90”

Package Dimensions: L:D:H=48”x33”x94”

Type of Disinfectant: Food Grade Disinfectant

Volume of Disinfectant Tank: 4.75 Gallons

Temperature Collection Time: about 2 seconds

Temperature Collection Accuracy: +/-2°F at Room Temperature

Temperature Collection Location: Palm (non-contact type)

Temperature Collection Range: 93-113°F

Note: It can be customized according to different types of hotels, companies, schools, and special disinfection places.